The Solution To The Question Why E-Commerce Floors Are On Sale Year-Round

After the distance, the shopping needs of users like a compression spring are strongly expanded. Many people have the mentality of “revenge shopping” to offset the limitations caused by distance. To meet this strong demand, a series of brands and e-commerce platforms have launched many incentives to “activate” the shopping needs of users, boosting the closing rate.

Commenting on the upcoming trend of the market, Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoang, Business Partner Development Director of  Lazada  Vietnam, said that in the next 5-6 months, the need to spend heavily to make up the time. Distance will go hand in hand with the tendency to prioritize shopping for essential items. After that, consumers will shop smarter, calmer, focus on essential products with reasonable spending on online channels.

Mr. Hoang also affirmed that, no matter which way the user’s psychology changes, incentive programs are still attractive and create irreplaceable values for consumers, contributing to boosting profits for businesses. Karma.

The incentive program creates a balance of benefits

According to Kantar’s “COVID-19 Global Barometer” report, one of the changes brought about by COVID-19 is a sharp increase in online shopping behavior because people prioritize health and limit going out. In which, 77% of Vietnamese people said they were less impulsive and more deliberate when shopping than before the pandemic.

However, the results of the 11-11 shopping festival on Lazada showed a different perspective when the revenue and the number of orders increased by 2 times; The number of participating brands and sellers increased by 1.5 times over the same period last year. This proves that promotional activities promote value and attract users, despite the impacts from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Explaining this, Mr. Hoang said that incentive programs create a balance of benefits for users and sellers. Specifically, users can meet their shopping needs after the distance, balance their spending thanks to savings from promotions, and enjoy entertainment content on the e-commerce floor. On the other hand, sellers recorded a high number of orders, having the opportunity to bridge the “breaks” in business, creating a momentum for revenue breakthrough in the year-end shopping season.

At the same time, the “year-round sale” strategy creates a psychology of waiting for new programs, “hunting” for good deals to spend smartly. The continuous series of offers also brings steady traffic and sales to the brand.

Efforts are needed to retain users

Incentives are always attractive, but in order to retain users, promotions must hit shopping psychology, practical needs and come with good service. Specifically, 3 “knots” that sellers and e-commerce floors need to solve include: Effective customer access, smooth logistics, predictability and demand response.

To solve this problem, Lazada applies technology to optimize efficiency in each shopping phase. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) helps provide search results that match needs, thereby personalizing the interface and boosting order conversion rates.

Interactive activities and product recommendation tools in the livestream of this e-commerce floor contribute to increasing the connection between businesses and users. The floor provides real-time updated volume data for businesses and sellers to proactively adjust business strategies, apply technology to logistics and warehousing to have fast delivery and receipt times. low cost.

Especially from the end of November, Lazada launched the “Priority Ship” program to recognize the efforts of sellers in shortening the time to pack and ship products to users. In the last 2 weeks, sellers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with 90% of orders successfully delivered to the same day shipping unit will receive this badge.

To promote the e-commerce economy during the year-end shopping season, Lazada continues to launch millions of products with discounts up to 90% on the entire floor and millions of discount vouchers during the upcoming 12-12 Shopping Festival. Besides, the exchange has increased millions of vouchers with free delivery every day to users nationwide, applied for orders from 49,000 VND.

During this shopping festival, users can participate in Lazzie Star games or live stream interactions on LazLive to accumulate coins, helping to save money. Besides, the “specialty” super show with the performance of famous faces is expected to add exciting energy at the end of the year.

With a series of promotions deployed during the year, this e-commerce floor recorded positive results, contributing to improving the experience, becoming a safe shopping channel, helping users to spend smartly. In addition, the floor accompanies partners and sellers, helping businesses recover after the lockdown through year-long campaigns.