Ezicom [Smiggle] – Top 3 Brand of Lazada

With the Company’s goal is to bring stable development and good revenue to customers during the epidemic period that is heavily affecting our economy. With the difficulties of businesses in the past 2 years and especially the order to apply Directive 16 in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces with epidemics, it has almost paralyzed businesses, making business activities difficult. Sales at stores could not be deployed, leading to a backlog of goods.

Meanwhile, Ezicom’s partners have moved to develop the sales channel on the E-Commerce Platform after listening to our advice and presentation. The “simple” in implementing and operating our floor makes it “hard to believe” that the results will be achieved, but because of the simplicity and incredible simplicity of implementation at the price extremely reasonable use of the service and “support payment form – accompanying the epidemic season” with customers who have accepted to try.

And just like what the photo below says, after only a few months of using the service, now the booth we operate has ranked in the top 3 on the floor. This effort is the clearest proof that we and our customers have come together to make the “unbelievable” a reality.

On our side, the constant efforts of the Ezicom team, examining each data, each corner of the product, can create the advantage of the booth, improve and improve the data little by little to can provide the “simplification” that clients receive in each reporting and orientation meeting.

Thank you customers for trusting Ezicom’s services. We and you will continue to succeed together and conquer higher heights together.

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Ezicom – Growth Smart

*Ps: The “Simple” is emphasized because we know, a lot of businesses in this period, almost operations are paralyzed, the whole company moves to deploy WFH but the efficiency is not high. If the reports and implementations are too complex and the coordination team is large, many processes and presentation layers will arise, leading to less flexibility and speed of implementation. To replace that “complexity”, we take advantage of the experience of the team and the way of coordination according to the available Ezicom standards to create the value and quality of the service. And in the end is the outcome we want to achieve. (Ezicom team with love)